Top 10 Post-Lockout NHL Teams (10-6)

This was a list that was suggested to me by someone and I immediately found myself wondering about what the final list would look like, which is always a sign of a good list. Usually, when comparing top teams, winning the Stanley Cup is a necessary box to check to even be considered, but because … Continue reading Top 10 Post-Lockout NHL Teams (10-6)


Canucks Throughout History – Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy was a star player in junior and was drafted late in the first round by the Philadelphia Flyers in 1977. After a decent rookie season, the defenseman struggled with the Flyers in 1978-79 and was traded to the Canucks in return for forward Dennis Ververgaert midway through the season. Despite being just 22 years … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Kevin McCarthy

Top 10 NHL Goalscorers of All-Time (5-1)

Consistency and dominance weren't enough to get to the top five on this list. These final five players were not only consistently dominant, but they were record-breakers. These players revolutionized the game of hockey with their goal-scoring prowess. For the first half of our list, click here: Top 10 NHL Goalscorers of All-Time (10-6) 5. Phil … Continue reading Top 10 NHL Goalscorers of All-Time (5-1)