Top 10 Feistiest NHL Scorers (10-6)

While the NHL is known as a tough league with a lot of tough guys, the players at the top of the scoring list are most often skill guys who shy away from rough stuff. Some players, however, were dynamic offensive scorers while also loving to mix it up. It's important to note that this … Continue reading Top 10 Feistiest NHL Scorers (10-6)


Canucks Throughout History – Tony Tanti

Tony Tanti, born in 1963, was a diminutive boy who hailed from Toronto, but he didn't let his size hold him back. As a teenager, Tanti made waves in the OMJHL, scoring 81 goals in 67 games. His stunning knack for goal scoring got him drafted 12th overall by the Chicago Black Hawks, though he … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Tony Tanti