Toronto Maple Leafs (1945-1950)

The Toronto Maple Leafs of the late 40s, were a simply solid team that really knew how to turn up their play in the playoffs. They were coming off a surprise Stanley Cup victory in 1945 and so they were hopeful going into the 1945-46 season. Unfortunately, they weren't able to improve as much as … Continue reading Toronto Maple Leafs (1945-1950)


Bill Durnan

Bill Durnan was a latecomer to the NHL scene, but he made his impact immediately upon joining the Montreal Canadiens in 1943. Durnan helped the Canadiens to one of the strongest seasons in NHL history, and won an astonishing 38 games, tying Tiny Thompson's record from the 1929-30 season. He finished 2nd in Calder voting … Continue reading Bill Durnan