Top 10 NHL Teams of All-Time (#10-6) recently helped create a list of the top NHL teams of all-time, as voted in by the fans (you can see their top 10 here: For me, all this showed me was that most fans don't know their hockey history. As we go through my list of the Top 10 Teams of all-time, … Continue reading Top 10 NHL Teams of All-Time (#10-6)


Canucks Throughout History – 1975-76 season

After their first somewhat successful season in 1974-75, many Canuck fans finally had hope for a team that could compete in the playoffs someday. However, contrary to the previous season, after winning their first game, the Canucks began to lose more than win and many fans quickly became disappointed. As the season went on, however, … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – 1975-76 season