Canucks Throughout History – Patrik Sundstrom

The Canucks in the late 70s and early 80s were one of the pioneers in accepting European players to their team, something shown when they drafted Patrik Sundstrom late in the 1980 with their 9th round pick at 175th overall. Sundstrom joined the Canucks as a 20-year old in the 1982-83 season immediately following their … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Patrik Sundstrom


Jean Beliveau

Few NHL players were ever more respected than Mr. Jean Beliveau. Born in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec in 1931, Beliveau spent his junior career in Quebec before joining the Canadiens after Montreal purchased his entire junior team to get access to Beliveau's play. Beliveau's NHL career began in 1950, but he played sparingly until 1953-54 when he … Continue reading Jean Beliveau