Canucks Throughout History – 1975-76 season

After their first somewhat successful season in 1974-75, many Canuck fans finally had hope for a team that could compete in the playoffs someday. However, contrary to the previous season, after winning their first game, the Canucks began to lose more than win and many fans quickly became disappointed. As the season went on, however, … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – 1975-76 season


Canucks Throughout History – Glen Hanlon

The Canucks were a rebuilding team in the late 1970s and for a while, it looked like a new young goaltender, Glen Hanlon would be the future tender for the team. Drafted 40th overall in 1977, Hanlon played four games in the NHL during his draft year at the age of 20 and showed good … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Glen Hanlon

Canucks Throughout History – Chris Oddleifson

Drafted at 10th overall in the 1969 Amateur Draft by the Boston Bruins, Chris Oddleifson always had some potential. Vancouver showed they believed that he could capitalize on that when they traded accomplished goal scorer Bobby Schmautz for Oddleifson near the end of the 1973-74 season. Oddleifson, just 23 years old at this time, had … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Chris Oddleifson