Canucks Throughout History – 1981-82 Season

There's no doubt that the 1981-82 season was Vancouver's best in the 1980s. Not only did they have their highest winning percentage, but they had their deepest playoff run. The Canucks were generally not a very strong team in the 80s and, compared to the average, that remained true for the 1981-82 season. Still, there … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – 1981-82 Season


Canucks Throughout History – Richard Brodeur

Richard Brodeur shouldn't have made it. 5'7", 160lbs people just don't make the NHL. Except for Brodeur, evidently. After beginning his professional career with the Quebec Nordiques in the WHA during the 70s, Brodeur had a brief stop in New York with the Islanders before moving on to the Canucks in 1980. Brodeur became the … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Richard Brodeur

Top 10 Rookie Seasons since the Lockout (10-6)

NHL hockey changed dramatically after the lockout, so it's always interesting to see how players have done since the changes that occurred during that time. The main criteria for this list was points and points-per-game, but I also considered where the players finished in Calder voting, so a better final placement in the Calder voting … Continue reading Top 10 Rookie Seasons since the Lockout (10-6)