Montreal Canadiens (1955-1960)

The team photo of the 1959-60 Montreal Canadiens with captain Maurice Richard front and centre. Coming into the second half of the 50s, the Montreal Canadiens were in a constant fight with the Detroit Red Wings for league dominance. They had finished just barely below the Red Wings in the 1954-55 regular season and had … Continue reading Montreal Canadiens (1955-1960)


Jacques Plante

Jacques Plante first broke into the NHL at 24 years of age in the 1952-53 season, but only played in 3 games. The following year, he began to back up Canadiens net minder Gerry McNeil more, playing in 17 games and gaining some recognition. In 1954-55 Plante took over as the main starter for the … Continue reading Jacques Plante

Top 10 Goaltending Playoff Game Performances since the Lockout (5-1)

The final five playoff performances on our list crossed the line from outstanding, to legendary. These netminders had nights that fans will remember for a very long time. If you missed the first half, check it out here:┬áTop 10 Goaltending Playoff Game Performances since the Lockout (10-6) 5. Roberto Luongo - April 11, 2007 (Vancouver … Continue reading Top 10 Goaltending Playoff Game Performances since the Lockout (5-1)

Canucks Throughout History – Patrik Sundstrom

The Canucks in the late 70s and early 80s were one of the pioneers in accepting European players to their team, something shown when they drafted Patrik Sundstrom late in the 1980 with their 9th round pick at 175th overall. Sundstrom joined the Canucks as a 20-year old in the 1982-83 season immediately following their … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Patrik Sundstrom