Top 10 All-Time Senior NHL Players (5-1)

While the bottom five players in our top 10 were impressive into their later years, these top five have defied all odds and played as though they were ageless during their careers, playing not only well into their 40s, but playing well during these senior years as well. See part 1 here:┬áTop 10 All-Time Senior … Continue reading Top 10 All-Time Senior NHL Players (5-1)


Canucks Throughout History – Dennis Kearns

Kearns, who was born in 1945 and joined the Canucks in 1971, was a unique sort of defenseman. At 5'9", he was smaller than most defenders, but his 185 lb frame somewhat made up for his lack of vertical fortitude. Kearns was an offensive defenseman in his sublime skating skills and ability to move the … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Dennis Kearns