Frank Brimsek

The further back you go into the history of the NHL, the more you see Canadian players over any other nationality. Frank Brimsek was not only a rare American NHL player, but also an NHL star. Born in the hockey-crazy state of Minnesota in 1915, Brimsek unsurprisingly played in the US for his junior years. … Continue reading Frank Brimsek


Canucks Throughout History – Orland Kurtenbach

Orland Kurtenbach was one tough son-of-a-gun. Renowned for his toughness on the ice, the Canucks jumped on the 34-year old Kurtenbach when he was available in the 1970 expansion draft and promptly named him their first captain in franchise history. While they weren’t dominant, the Canucks were surprisingly good out of the gate in their … Continue reading Canucks Throughout History – Orland Kurtenbach