Dave Kerr

Dave Kerr was born in 1910 in Toronto, Ontario. Kerr played for several teams in the Ontario area before making the jump to the NHL with the Montreal Maroons in 1930 at the age of 21. While Kerr played admirably for such a young goaltender, his numbers weren’t overly impressive. After just one game with the Americans in the 1931-32 season, Kerr was back to playing for the Maroons for the 1932-33 season. Kerr had an average season as a middle-of-the-pack goaltender, but had a solid 14-8-3 record and 4 shutouts.

In the 1933-34 season, Kerr finally became the full starter for the Maroons, playing in all 48 games. Kerr held up his end of the rink with 6 shutouts on the season. Kerr was sold to the New York Rangers in 1934 and it was then that he would finally begin to shine as a goaltender, holding the fort for an aging Rangers team. Kerr continued to perform as an average goaltender for the 1934-35 season, but showed marked improvement in the 1935-36 season. Kerr’s win total was average, but his goals against average of 1.91 was third in the league. Kerr continued to improve as he hit his late 20s and finished second in the NHL in GAA in the 1936-37 season.

In the 1937-38 season, things really began to fall into place for Kerr as he led the NHL with 8 shutouts, finished second with his 1.95 GAA and finally had a successful Rangers team around him. Kerr was voted to the Second All-Star Team, the first individual honour of his career. Kerr again finished second in GAA in the 1938-39 season as he continued his stretch of strong seasons. Kerr also played in all 48 games for the third consecutive year. In the 1939-40 season, everything clicked. Kerr led the NHL with 8 shutouts and a stunning 1.54 GAA. He tied his record of 27 wins while playing a full season for the fourth year in a row. Kerr won the Vezina trophy and the honour of being named to the First All-Star Team. To cap it all off, Kerr helped his Rangers win the Cup with 3 shutouts in 12 playoff games.

Kerr had another solid season in the 1940-41 season, though less so than his previous years. He finished fourth in GAA in another full 48-game season and then promptly retired at just 31 years old. Kerr retired with 203 wins, good for fourth all-time in NHL history at the time. His 157 wins in a Rangers uniform weren’t passed for 20 years until Gump Worsley finally beat him in 1961. While Kerr’s career wasn’t overly long, it did feature five consecutive seasons without missing a game and some of the most consistent goaltending in the late 30s.


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