Top 10 Goaltenders since the 2004-05 Lockout (#5-1)

To finish off this list, we have the final five goaltenders:

  1. Marc-Andre Fleury

NHL: Preseason-Detroit Red Wings at Pittsburgh Penguins

Fleury is a unique goaltender on this list, as he is the only one never to have come close to winning an individual award, but has still been a contributor to the success of the Pittsburgh Penguins for many years. Fleury was drafted 1st Overall in 2003 and became the starter for the Penguins by the 2005-06 season. While Fleury struggled at the start (as many goaltenders do), he picked up the pace in the 2007-08 season. After losing in the Finals to the Red Wings, Fleury helped defeat the Red Wings in the rematch in the 2009 playoffs. Fleury has been a remarkably consistent goaltender for the Penguins over the years and has accumulated a substantial number of wins. In the 2011-12 season, Fleury won 42 games, his career-best to this day. Fleury had a strong 2014-15 season, leading the NHL with 10 shutouts, and another strong year in 2015-16, tying his career best of a .921 save percentage and eventually winning another Cup, though this time on the injured reserve. Fleury’s win percentage is second only to Holtby’s on this list.

  1. Carey Price


Price has endured the pressure in Montreal for many years now, and done so admirably. He broke into the league in the 2007-08 season, playing half the games, a remarkable feat for a 20-year old goaltender. As Price grew older, he continued to improve, leading the NHL with 38 wins in 2010-11 and having an impressive .927 save percentage in 2013-14. However, it was the 2014-15 in which Price made the transition from star goaltender to the best NHL goaltender. Price dominated the NHL, leading with 44 wins, a sparkling 1.96 GAA and a .933 save percentage. Price not only won the Jennings and Vezina trophies, but the Hart and Ted Lindsay awards, becoming the first goaltender since Jose Theodore to win the Hart and the first ‘tender since Dominik Hasek in the late 90s to win the Ted Lindsay (then called the Lester Pearson).  While Price’s 2015-16 season was good, it was also very short, being limited to just 12 games due to injury. With 263 wins at just 29 years old, Price may have his name in the record books for a long time.

  1. Martin Brodeur


Martin Brodeur is without a doubt one of, if not the, greatest goaltenders of all-time. However, by the time the lockout had ended, Brodeur was already 33 and entering his twilight years. That didn’t seem to slow Brodeur down as he still led the NHL in wins with 43 in the 2005-06 season. Brodeur was known for playing a remarkable amount of games, frequently over 70 per season. Brodeur’s 2006-07 season was astonishing; he played in a career-high 78 games and set a new NHL record with 48 wins on the season. Brodeur also had 12 shutouts to lead the league and won what was the third Vezina of his career. Brodeur even finished third in Hart voting. Brodeur won his fourth and final Vezina in 2007-08, but he wasn’t done there. Brodeur led the league in wins for the ninth time in his career in the 2009-10 season with 45 wins. He also led the league in shutouts for the fifth time with nine shutouts. That year, a 37-year old Brodeur took home the William Jennings and was third in Vezina voting. Following that, Brodeur’s numbers would drop, but he had one last hurrah in 2012, when his Devils surprised by making it to the Stanley Cup finals and Brodeur, then 39, returned to form, holding the fort admirably. Brodeur retired during the 2014-15 season, holding too many goaltending records to easily name.

  1. Roberto Luongo


Like several goaltenders on this list, Roberto Luongo was already an established goaltender by the time the post-lockout era began, with a season as a Vezina finalist in 2003-04. Luongo tried to save the flailing Panthers by himself in 2005-06, but to no avail. The 2006-07 season marked a big change for Luongo as he finally had a chance to prove himself in a more successful environment in Vancouver. Luongo exploded onto the scene with 47 wins, a total that would have tied Bernie Parent for the record had Martin Brodeur not broken it himself that same year with 48 wins. Luongo finished second in both Vezina and Hart voting, a tribute to his incredible season. For the next few years, Luongo continued to be the backbone of the Canucks, regularly being considered among the best goaltenders in the league. The 2010-11 season featured a very powerful Canucks team and Luongo led the league with 38 wins, despite splitting some time with backup Cory Schneider. Luongo took home the Jennings with Schneider and finished third in Vezina voting. Luongo and the Canucks made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals in 2011, with Luongo managing an impressive four shutouts along the way. Luongo continued to have strong seasons, often splitting some time with Vancouver’s backups. Luongo was traded back to the Panthers in 2014 and has remained a strong goaltender for them, even into his late 30s. Luongo’s all-time numbers are very impressive, sitting at 453 wins and 73 shutouts (as of the writing of this).

  1. Henrik Lundqvist


Henrik Lundqvist is in his 12th NHL season and has never had a bad year. That kind of consistency for a star goaltender is remarkable and a big reason that Lundqvist has been so highly regarded for so long. His career started in 2005-06 and he was a Vezina finalist in his very first season. He was a finalist for the two years following that and led the NHL in shutouts with 10 in the 2007-08 season. In 2010-11, Lundqvist again led the NHL in shutouts, breaking his own record with 11. The following season, Lundqvist finally won the elusive Vezina trophy for the first time. In the shortened season of 2012-13, Lundqvist also led the league in wins with 24 wins, finishing second in Vezina voting that year. In fact, Lundqvist has been so consistent that despite a good season, the 2015-16 season was the first year in Lundqvist’s career in which he wasn’t in the top 6 for Vezina voting. Aside from the shortened season in which Lundqvist led the NHL in wins, he has never had a season below 30 wins. Lundqvist’s astonishing consistency and longevity will almost surely get him into the hall of fame and surely get his No. 30 retired by the New York Rangers. At 35 and still performing well, he may also continue to build on his 400+ wins and 60+ shutouts.

Honourable Mention: Miikka Kiprusoff

Kiprusoff was the star goaltender for the Flames following the lockout and won the Vezina trophy in 2005-06. He also led the league with 45 wins in the 2007-08 season and is the all-time games and wins leader for the Flames.

Honourable Mention: Cory Schneider

After several strong seasons in a 1B role with Vancouver, Schneider took the reins in New Jersey as the new starter in 2013 as the Devils phased out Brodeur. Schneider has had multiple strong seasons despite having a weak team in front of him for years. He finished sixth in Vezina voting in 2015-16 with .924 save percentage.


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