Bill Cook

There have been many deadly lines with equally deadly nicknames in the history of the NHL, but the Bread line surely didn't have the deadliest sounding name of all. Bill Cook, with his brother, nicknamed "Bun", and Frank Boucher made up the line for a deadly combo in the late 20s and early 30s. Like … Continue reading Bill Cook


Boston Bruins (1925-1930)

The Bruins entered the NHL in 1924 and after a disastrous first season, they quickly found their footing. The 1925-26 squad lacked forward stars, but still had standouts Lionel Hitchman and Sprague Cleghorn on the back end. ┬áDespite not being perennial stars, forwards Carson Cooper and Jimmy Herberts finished third and fourth in scoring, respectively, … Continue reading Boston Bruins (1925-1930)