Reg Noble

Reg Noble was one of the rare players who was able to play multiple positions in the NHL. Noble began his career as a forward in Collingwood, Ontaraio, playing for his business school there. After some success, he moved on to the OHA seniors team in Toronto before finally becoming a pro, joining the Toronto Blueshirts in the OHA for the 1916-17 season, as a 20-year old. Noble had a solid year, scoring 13 goals in 19 games. Noble had joined the Canadiens in 1917 after the Blueshirts folded, but the Canadiens didn’t retain his rights, so he was signed by the Toronto Arenas. This proved to be a smart decision, as Noble led the team in scoring with 30 goals in 20 games. His 10 assists also led the league, giving him 40 points on the season. Noble helped lead the Arenas to the NHL’s first Stanley Cup victory.

Noble remained a reliable player for Toronto, both in loyalty and durability. Noble was one of the NHL’s first ironmen, playing six consecutive seasons without missing a game, 24 games in five of them and 30 in the last one. While Noble never dominated the NHL offensively, he still put up respectable numbers consistently while also being known for his ability to take away the puck from his opponents. Noble helped Toronto, now named the St. Patricks, to win their second Cup in 1922, besting out the powerful Ottawa Senators in doing so.

Early in the 1924-25 season, Noble was traded to the Montreal Maroons in their first season. While the Maroons struggled in their first season, they were much better in their second one, winning the 1926 Stanley Cup, Noble’s third.

Noble’s numbers dwindled significantly in the 1926-27 season as the League extended it’s season to 44 games to account for the 10 teams it now consisted of. In 1927, the struggling Detroit Cougars picked up Noble and began to use him as a defenseman. Noble’s offensive numbers actually increased and he proved again to be a reliable and sturdy defender, missing only 2 out of 224 games in a five-season span with Detroit. Noble captained the Detroit club from 1927-1930 as their second captain is franchise history.

As Detroit changed their team name to the Red Wings they are today, they parted ways with Noble, and Noble re-joined the Maroons for his final season in 1932-33. The 36-year old played in 20 games with the Maroons before retiring from the NHL. When Noble retired, he was 6th all-time in assists (106) and points (274) and was first in games with 510, a whopping 61 ahead of the second place player, Georges Boucher, more than an entire season’s worth. Noble was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1962.


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