Edouard ‘Newsy’ Lalonde

Edouard “Newsy” Lalonde, born in October of 1888 was known as one of the first of many legends for the Montreal Canadiens. Lalonde played a bit for a few teams when he was 16 and 17, but his hockey career took off when he was 18 and played for the Canadian Soo, scoring 25 goals in 18 games. He dominated even more the subsequent year playing for the Toronto Professionals, scoring 32 goals in just 9 games. After another dominant season with the Professionals, Lalonde began to catch the attention of other teams as well.

In the 1909-10 season, Lalonde played for the NHA’s Les Canadiens and set the NHA record with nine goals, a mark that’s only since been tied. The subsequent year, he left for the PCHA’s Vancouver Millionaires and dominated the league, leading it with 27 goals in 15 games. After that, he returned east to the Montreal Canadiens of the NHA for the 1912-13. Lalonde continued to play well for the Canadiens in the NHA, helping them win their first ever Stanley Cup in 1916. In 1917 the Canadiens made the transition to the new National Hockey League with their star forward.

Lalonde continued to find success in the NHL, especially in his second year, when he led the League in goals, assists, and points with 23, 10, and 33 respectively in just 17 games. In the 1919-20 season as a 31-year old, Lalonde managed career highs in goals (37) and points (46). His final dominant season was the next when he led the league in points for the second time, this time with 43 points in 24 games.

After a less productive season in 1921-22, Lalonde was traded to the Saskatoon Sheiks of the WCHL where is career wound down. Lalonde came back for one more NHL game with the New York Americans in 1926-27, but retired shortly after that. Lalonde also did some coaching in the NHL during the 30s and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1950 as a player.


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