How I became hooked on hockey history

I love hockey. I’ve been a fan since I first watched some games on TV when I was just five years old. It instantly captivated me and I wanted to learn more about the game. Over the years, I slowly learned more and more about the beloved sport, both by playing it and watching it. While I never played on an organized hockey team, I played many pick-up games on the road or inside gymnasiums. As I reached my teen years, I began to really delve into the depths of hockey. I wanted everything hockey-related, whether that be books, new cards, jerseys, hockey sticks, or other hockey paraphernalia.

It was through reading books that I began to learn about the history of hockey, the years I myself had not witnessed. I loved learning about the eras of the past and observing how the game had evolved over the many years. It was likely my interest for statistics that really drew me in. I always enjoyed looking at the all-time leaders in various categories, such as goals, assists, points, etc. As I began to dig more, I learned about some lesser known players and began to dig even more. I couldn’t get enough of hockey history.

As a relatively young fan (I only began watching hockey at the turn of the century), I enjoy talking to more long-time fans who can tell me first-hand what things were like before I watched or was even born. While I love looking at statistics, there’s not true replacement for eye-witness accounts, so I greatly value the input of others who’ve witnessed the players and teams I so love to talk about.

This blog will be largely focused on historical players and teams in the history of hockey. Since most of my passion and knowledge is NHL-related, most of the posts will pertain to NHL hockey as well, though perhaps not all. I plan to write posts in individual players over time as well as some historical teams. Over time, I may branch out into other areas as well, though still related to hockey, of course.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey through the storied history of hockey!


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